About Sukhayu Herbotech

a leading Manufacturer and Trading of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical
Syrup, Nutraceutical Capsule, Ayurvedic and Herbal Health Supplements,
Protein Powder, Multivitamin, Calcium, Iron, Enzymes Syrups and
Capsules, Vitamin Supplements, Fitness Supplements, Sachets, Glucose
Powder, Derma and Hair, Whey Protein, Cesin Protein, Dietary
Supplements, Chocolate Powder, Drops, Diet Food, Veterinary Supplement,
Cattle Feed etc.

We provide high-quality dietary Supplements for the best nutrition brands across the market by
using latest technologies and high quality ingredients.
We do Third Party Manufacturing and Private Labeling in different segment like Dietary
Supplement, Advance Clinical Products, Gym Supplements Amino Acids, Multivitamin &
Multimineral Syrups, Whey protein, Vitamin Supplements, Bcomplex, BCAA, Fitness
Supplements, Herbal Juices, Fitness Juices, Diabetic care, Sliming care, Stone cutter syrup and
powder, Instant drink mix, Herbal Drops, Diet Food, Kids Drop etc.

Sukhayu Herbotech

Sukhayu Herbotech specialized in the manufacturing of entire Enzymes and Probiotics 
products range which includes food for special uses; using the latest technologies with high-
quality standards helping us to become  a top leading Biotechnology company across India.

We also deals in Veterinary products and cattle feed supplements.

We have customized packing solution according to the customer needs.
This enables our clients to be in a perfect position to market their brands and meet the growing
customer demands.

Mission: Consistently delivers research based natural products to improve the quality of life
and standards of living in terms of health.

Vision: We strive to become a leading healthcare organization driven through consistent
innovative research also by including new and effective technology to expand its portfolio
and presence over the globe.

Above Everything Else, We Value

PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: We believe in professional commitment and blend technical value addition with ethical business.

PARTNERSHIP: We act as an extension of our client’s office and work closely to provide value added, decisive and dedicated support.

INTEGRITY: In a demanding business with high expectations and standards, we honestly and transparently represent our clients and protect their propriety with high order of confidentiality.

ETHICAL BUSINESS POLICY: As a part of the company’s Zero tolerance approach to bribery & Corruption Sukhayu Herbotech prohibits the making of facilitation payments.

QUALITY POLICY: We at Sukhayu are committed to delivering quality product which meet needs & expectations of our Clients in terms of well being of everyone. We shall continually improve our systems & processes for enhancing satisfaction level of our stakeholders.

​ Currently, we have the following business divisions:

  • Nutraceutical products
  • Healthcare Products
  • Probiotics
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Advance Clinical Nutrition products.
  • Gym Supplements
  • Whey Protein
  • Amino Acids
  • Health supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Instant drink mix
  • Hercumin Capsule
  • Leukoria Capsule
  • Calcium Syrup
  • Panch Tulsi Drop
  • Iron Syrup & Capsule
  • Enzyme Syrup & Capsule
  • Papain Syrup
  • Papaya Syrup For Dengu
  • Pepsin Syrup
  • B Complex Syrup & Capsule
  • Multivitamin Syrup & Capsule
  • Ferrous Ascorbate Syrup & Capsule
  • Lycopene Syrup & Capsule
  • Iron XT Syrup & Capsule
  • Rakth Shodak Syrup
  • Biotine Syrup & Capsule
  • Protein Syrup with Multivitamin
  • Herbal Hunger Drop for Kids
  • Herbal Liver Drop for Kids
  • Glucosamine Capsule
  • Joint Stamina Syrup & Capsule
  • L-Ornithe L-Aspartate & Silymarin Syrup For Liver
  • Glucose C Powder
  • Glucose D Powder
  • Insta Energy Powder
  • Energy Drink Powder
  • Vitamin D3 Drop For Kids
  • Vitamin D3 60 K Single shot
  • Oritendo joint & Knee Capsule
  • Fennel Drop
  • Tulsi Drop
  • Herbal Liver Syrup
  • Herbal Gynic Syrup
  • Liver DS Syrup
  • Multivtamin A to Z Syrup
  • Herbal Blood Purifier Syrup
  • Herbal Giloy Juice & Capsule
  • Stevia Drop
  • Sea buckthorn Drop & Juice
  • Moringa Drop & Juice
  • Noni Drop & Juice
  • Immuno Drop & Syrup
  • Neem Capsule
  • Mix Berry Juice& Capsule
  • Memory Booster Capsule
  • Wheat Grass Juice & Capsule
  • Hajma Pachak Syrup & Juice
  • Museli For Breakfast
  • Protein Powder Chocolate
  • Protein Powder Mango

  • Protein Powder Vanila
  • Protein Powder kesar Elaichi
  • Protein Powder Badam
  • Protein Powder Saffron
  • Plant Protein
  • Whey Protein
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Weight Loss Protein Powder
  • Weight Gain Protein Powder
  • Vegetarian Protein Powder
  • Sports Nutrition Powder
  • Soya Protein
  • Sliming Powder
  • Rice Protein
  • Pre Work Out Supplement
  • Pea Protein
  • Plant Protein
  • Multivit Protein
  • Milk Protein
  • Kids Energy Protein
  • Herbal Weight Gain Powder & Syrup
  • Glutamine Protein
  • Egg Protein Powder
  • Creatin Monohydrate Powder
  • Cellulose Protein Powder
  • Brown Rice Protein Powder
  • Amino acid Protein Powder
  • BCAA Protein Powder
  • AV Vita Syrup For Pets
  • Vet Gold Calcium Syrup for Cattles
  • Calcium Syrup For Pets
  • Glucose C Powder
  • Glucose D Powder
  • Insta Energy Powder
  • Body Grow Protein Powder
  • Cesin Protein
  • Protein Hydrolysate
  • Syclocare Syrup
  • Dry syrup
  • Protein Powder American Ice Cream
  • Protein Powder Strawberry
  • Protein Powder for Male
  • Protein Powder for Female
  • Protein Powder for Kids
  • I Stamina Capsule
  • Hair Capsule
  • Piles Capsule
  • Sharbat
  • Weight Gain Capsule
  • Liver Cleanser Capsule
  • Vitamin B 12 Syrup
  • Ashwagandha Juice & Capsule
  • Cardic Capsule
  • Amla Juice & Capsule
  • Cow Colostrum Capsule
  • Chlorophyll Juice
  • Alovera Juice & Capsule
  • Allergy Care Capsule
  • Arjuna Care Capsule
  • Liver Tonic Syrup & Capsule
  • Lemon Grass Juice & Drop
  • Kidney Care Juice & Capsule
  • Joint Care Capsule & Syrup
  • Karela Juice & Capsule
  • Karela Jamun Juice & Capsule
  • Iron Tonic Syrup
  • Immuno Booster Juice
  • Triphala Juice & Capsule
  • Thyroid Care Juice & Capsule
  • Stone Out Juice & Capsule
  • Spiriluna Capsule
  • Slim Fit Fat Loss Juice & Capsule
  • Vitamin E Capsule & Syrup for skin Care
  • Shallaki Juice for Pain Relief
  • Memo ry Gain Juice
  • AV Grow Drop for Kids
  • AV Feather Drop For Pets
  • AV Hunger Syrup For Pets
  • AV Flexor Syrup For Pets

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