Brown rice protein is a protein supplement that is made from brown rice. To convert into powder form, the brown rice is treated with select enzymes.  The protein is isolated, resulting in a protein powder. Lab studies suggest that brown rice protein is better than white rice protein and soy protein for controlling weight gain, liver health and cholesterol. Eating brown rice protein powder leads to a higher expression of a gene that controls an enzyme that processes cholesterol.

Why brown rice protein is a good choice

Its complete amino acid profile, low carb and fat content, and rich nutrient profile make it a popular choice among health-conscious individuals and athletes. Its gluten-free nature also makes it an excellent option for those with gluten or allergen-related health concerns. Brown rice protein powder is plant-based. Brown rice protein powder is better than other protein powders for controlling weight gain and health benefits.

Health benefits of brown rice protein powder

Brown rice protein powder is high in branched-chain amino acids critical for muscle protein synthesis and muscle damage during exercise. Additionally, brown rice protein powder is an ideal protein source for those with allergies or intolerances to dairy or other familiar protein sources. The brown rice protein powder is definitely a good source of iron.

Here Are 7 Brown Rice Protein Benefits:

1: Muscle Building and Recovery

2: Weight Management

3: Digestive Health

4: Allergen Free

5: Increased Energy and Endurance

6: Enhanced Immunity

7: Versatility and Convenience


Brown rice protein powder is sustainable and easy on the environment. It takes fewer natural resources to produce rice protein than dairy proteins. As a complete protein, brown rice powder contains all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth and repair. It might be beneficial for you if you can give our Brown rice protein powder a try. Sukhayu Herbotech is a pioneer name in the herbal industry when it comes to third-party manufacturing services. Call us today for the best wholesale rates of Brown Rice Protein Powder under your brand name.

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