Inzyme AV Syrup - 200 Ml. Papain, Alpha Amylase, Pepsin

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200 Ml
Sukhayu Herbotech
As per Standard
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18 Months
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Made in India

Enzyme Syrup Description
Enzyme Syrup for Healthy Digestion, Helps in Weight Gain and Optimizes Nutrient Availability | Acidity

  • Enzyme Syrup contains digestive enzymes.
  • Digestive Enzymes Help break down and digest food which helps pancreas to release enough
  • digestive enzymes into the gut to digest the food.
  • It helps to improve digestion, appetite and provide relief in stomachache, acidity, dyspepsia,
  • gaseous discomfort, heaviness in abdomen, flatulence, eating disorders.
  • It contains a range of digestive enzymes that enhance digestion efficiency along with
  • decreasing fatigue to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

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