Liver Cleanser 60 Capsules AV - Support Health Liver Function, Detoxify & Purify

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60 Capsules
Sukhayu Herbotech
As per Standard
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18 Months
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Made in India

Herbs Based Liver Support with Milk Thistle, Green Turmeric Powder Veg Capsules

• Supplements helps in removing toxins from body, and is meant to help improve the detoxification process.

• These supplements help in fat metabolism by stimulating the secretion of bile from the liver & helps lower down bad cholesterol levels.

• Milk thistle is a well-known liver cleansing supplement because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It may help a lot in liver inflammation as well.

• A supplement is formulated to stimulate new liver cell production and cleanse the liver for optimal health.

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