LIVER SYRUP AV 200 ml - with Natural Herbs helps in Dysfunction, Chronic liver, Hepatotoxicity

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Packaging Size: 
200 ML
Sukhayu Herbotech
As per Standard
Shelf Life: 
18 month
Packaging Type: 
Food Grade Bottle
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Country of Origin: 
Made in India

Liver Detox Ayurvedic/ Herbal Syrup for Fatty Liver, Jaundice, Weak Liver Functions

Scientifically Researched Ayurvedic Formula With 20 Herbs – This Liver syrup contains 20 Herbal ingredients that help in the strengthening of Liver

• Liver Medicine is useful in improving Appetite & Digestion, relieving Gas, Constipation, Bloating, Abdominal Pain & Acidity.

• It is helpful managing Fatty Liver, Jaundice, Cholesterol Levels and other Liver Problems

• This Liver Tonic helps improve bile secretions, Liver enzymatic parameters and intestinal good bacteria.

• It contains anti-inflammatory herbs that protect liver against alcoholic liver damage and are effective in Bloating & Abdominal Pain

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