Panch Tulsi is a herbal preparation of five different kinds of Tulsi. They all work together to boost immunity, skin care and overall health care of the body. Since ancient times, Tulsi has been called a universal herb and used for medical purposes. Our Panch Tulsi Drops are antioxidant and immunity boosters. It helps to boost the immune system and build body’s resistance. This drop is very effective for fighting normal cold, cough, sore throat, etc.

Panch Tulsi Drops Ingredients:

Panch Tulsi Drops are made from 5 varieties of Tulsi leaves – Shyam Tulsi (Occimum Basilicum), Rama Tulsi (Occimum Sanctum), Sursa Tulsi (Occimum Canum), Nimbu Tulsi (Occimum Citridorum), And Van Tulsi (Occimum Gratissimum). They all work together to boost immunity, skin care and overall health care of the body.

Health benefits of Panch Tulsi Drops: 

Panch Tulsi Drops are good for heart health. It is useful for coughs & colds and other health-related problems. It is good against the ill effects of smoking & pollution. Also, it helps in weight & fat management. These drops are also helpful in stress relief.

Regular use of Panch Tulsi Drops will protect your body from various diseases. It is extremely effective in treating diabetes, for weight loss, for hair, eye, skin and liver problems. Panch Tulsi Drops acts as a blood purifier as it cleanses and detoxifies your digestive system. 


Panch Tulsi is known for many benefits like immunity, cold, cough, flu, heart and stomach problems, fatigue and many more. Panch Tulsi is a power pack of 5 kinds of Tulsi benefits. It is recommended to dilute the Panch Tulsi drops with some liquid for better absorption by the body. It would be great if you try our Panch Tulsi Drops once. Sukhayu Herbotech is a pioneer name in the herbal industry when it comes to third-party manufacturing services. Call us today for the best wholesale rates of Panch Tulsi Drop under your brand name.

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