Sea Buckthorns AV Drop 30 ml - Anti Oxidant, Help protect your Cell, Anti inflammatory, Full of Omega, Good For Cardio Vascular System, Lower Cholesterol

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Packaging Size: 
30 Ml
Sukhayu Herbotech
As per Standard
Shelf Life: 
18 Months
Packaging Type: 
Plastic Bottle
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Country of Origin: 
Made in India

• Sea Buckthorn rich source of Omega & Vitamins 500 Mg drop for healthy Heart, Immune system & Body Detox
• Sea Buckthorn Drop is a formulation from Sea Buckthorn Berries rich source of Omega & Vitamins.
• Sea Buckthorn drop are rich source of Vitamin A,B,C & K and Omega 3,6,7 & 9. It works as a Anti-Oxidant which provide omega & natural fatty acid.
• Sea buckthorn drop helps improve cardiovascular health and protect the liver & heart. It also maintain skin health and Overall body Health

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