Soy Protein Powder AV with Multi Vitamin & Multi Mineral - 200GM/500GM/ 1KG

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200 GM
500 GM
1 KG
Sukhayu Herbotech
As per Standard
Shelf Life: 
9 Months
Packaging Type: 
Food Grade Box
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Made in India

• Soy Protein Isolate is a complete vegetable protein source. It is the closest of the vegetable proteins that most resembles the amino acid profile of dairy proteins such as milk and whey and is, therefore, a very popular non-dairy alternative protein.

• Enjoy the benefits of our low-calorie soy protein powder. Just mix with milk or your favorite beverage.

• Provides all of the essential, non-essential and conditionally essential, amino acids needed to fulfill human nutritional requirements for growth, maintenance, and physical stress.

• NO Artificial Sweeteners, Sugar, Cholesterol or Lactose. It's a complete protein and considered the most effective plant-derived source for building or maintaining muscle.

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