Vet Cal Gold 5ltr/10ltr/20ltr - Cattle feed Supplement with Calcium, Multi Vitamin Multi Mineral with Natural Herbs

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1 Ltr.
Sukhayu Herbotech
Shelf Life: 
24 Months
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Made in India

Chelated Liquid Calcium for Cow, Cattle & Buffalo for Doodh Flow

This is a Vegetarian product.

• Improves the Production performance of Cattles.

• Reduces the Prolapse and Weakness problem in Cattles.

• Acts as Supportive Therapy in Mastitis, Lameness and Poor Health Condition in Cattle.

• Useful in Rumen Dysfunction for Animals is Made of High-Quality Vitamins and Supplements

• Energy Booster and Immunity Booster for Animals

• Ingredients: Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs

• Intended Use: Growth and Performance, Vitamins and Supplements, Use With Water

• Chelated Calcium for Cow - Increase Milk Production - Increase Fat Percentage & SNF in Milk - Helps in Reducing Calcium, Phosphorus & Minerals Deficiency in Animals - Improves the Growth Rate in Young ones.

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