WHEAT GRASS JUICE AV 1000 ml - Contains Enzymes, Helps your body to break Down food and absorb nutrients, Detoxify, Reduce bloating, Gas, Stomach upset

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Sukhayu Herbotech
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9 Months
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Food Grade Bottle
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Made in India

Herbal Supplement to Help Detoxify the Liver, Cleanse the Digestive System, and Purify Blood, Excellent Herbal detoxifier. In Ayurveda studies, Wheat grass is considered a well-known, natural detoxifier. It helps in liver detox, acts as a liver tonic and supports overall detox

• Cleanses the digestive system. Enriched with fiber and enzymes. Wheat grass Juice cleanses the digestive system and also helps boost energy levels

• Improves skin health. Wheatgrass acts as a detox supplement, thereby improving skin health, as it also acts as a blood purifier for glowing skin.

• It contains pure wheatgrass, this juice acts as a safe & convenient way to consume wheatgrass, faster way to detox as compared to wheatgrass powder. This Juice is made in GMP-approved facilities. It is also manufactured without any added sugar or artificial colors or flavors

• Significant benefits. Vitro Aloe Wheat grass juice is like ‘Liquid Gold’. Drinking just a glass full of it is equivalent to eating 1 ½ pounds of dark leafy vegetables.

• Maintain healthy- weight & a healthy skin. Helps increases Hemoglobin (red Blood Cells count / BRC count) in blood.

• Promote digestion. Helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

• Rich source proteins -Aloe Wheat grass juice is full of proteins. It can also help you maintain amino acid in your body.

• Clear skin. This juice is a therapist of skin problems. It fights oily skin and keeps acne and pimples at bay.

• Improve digestion. Wheat grass juice is loaded with enzymes that improve digestion and also help reduce acidity. This juice also supports the immune system and energizes you instantly.

• Increase energy levels. High chlorophyll content in wheatgrass helps improve immunity, initiate detoxification, and increase energy levels.


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